Director of first or second units.

Our unique team of Directors are all experienced, respected and professional directors in the entertainment industry. As the Director of your production we provide a safe and always fun working environment. We work with all productions and projects worldwide. Let us make your project a special one with our XXX STUNT TEAM of DIRECTORS... We also offer to you a large list of film equipment, supplies, and have many styles of camera rigs available. So send us over your script and then let's talk about making your project. [READ MORE]


Stunt Coordinator or Stuntman.

We offer your production the best in action/stunt coordination. Our XXX STUNT TEAM will provide your project with the best available stunt equipment and stunt coordination services in the biz... We are also not afraid to hit the ground when called upon either. We offer to you the latest in stunt technology and the best stunt people available. We have worked worldwide and cater to all size productions. Our XXX STUNT TEAM is well aware of the dangers when doing stunts so don't think your saving any money by using someone with less experience. Without an experienced stunt coordinator and the proper safety measures taken, your biggest danger to any project is an accident which can result in injury or death... Their is no saving $$$ then! [READ MORE]

Action Actors

Actor + Stuntman = Stactor.

Action/actors have become a popular way to cast a character nowadays. We offer your project a multitude of character's and looks. Why cast two people to do the acting and stunt parts? Using an action/actor gets you a lot more for your money. It is also quicker and much better to be able to shoot an actor from every angle. So quit hiding the actor's face and hire more action/actors. [READ MORE]


Newest technology always in action.

At XXX STUNTS we are always looking to make your filming experience safer and easier. We have a very large assortment of stunt and film related equipment. If it's out there we either have it or can get it... If we can't then we can manufacture whatever it is you may need or want. Our equipment has been built and tested with all the OSHA and safety standards available being used. If you use junk expect junk in return. Check out our most popular items and let us know if their is something that suits your needs. [READ MORE]


Film and print services offered.

We offer your project a large multitude of services and products. We are the only one stop shop when your putting your project together. We have or can get you just about anything you will need with your production. Our huge amount of services and resources is virtually unlimited with our diverse XXX STUNT TEAM. We have supplied our services and products worldwide and continue to lead the path for others. Please take the time to look over our services and products. [READ MORE]


The custom products we offer.

We offer everyday set wear & gear for the entertainment industry. Get your official XXX STUNT TEAM ball cap and shirt today, they are a great gift or set giveaway. [GO SHOPPING]