XXX STUNTS is an industry leader offering your production the best stunt orientated services and equipment in the biz. We have been featured all over the world for over 25 years now!

XXX STUNTS is a conglomerate of stunt knowledge and equipment. Jeff Danoff and his colleagues have put together all their resourses and created the XXX STUNT TEAM. We offer your production top notch service and equipment. We have been an industry leader and continue to lead the way for others. XXX STUNTS offers your production everything from designing & preparation of the stunts, to directing them, then editing them into the most spectacular way possible. We can save your production a lot of time & money by giving you just what the script called for. We are all about the "PROJECT" and not about waisting your budget.... Be sure to check out our XXX STUNT TEAM wear and gear at our online store! They are great gift's or as a set give-away to your production team.

If you are looking to rollover or jump a motor vehicle we also offer the very best in specialty stunt ramps. is my stunt ramp website please check it out.

We also offer our 22 acre Film & Print Location in the high desert for all your production needs. Check it out at to see what we have too offer your production.

Our XXX STUNT TEAM has an extensive amount of credits and experience within this industry. We provide your production an excellent set experience and always give the very best quality of service and equipment that is available. Our team of stunt personnel are all highly trained professionals and will not be learning stunts on your set. We expect and provide the very best performance that our highly trained stunt people have to offer. As stunt performers, we train constantly to perfect our skills. We all have many disiplines and thru-out our team we can provide any type of action that you maybe looking for... So let's make your project into the vision you have. XXX STUNTS works and networks thru out the industry to always provide you with the best products and services money can buy.. We have worked worldwide and can adapt to any challenge in front of us... Let's talk soon. XXX STUNTS TEAM

Our Stunt Services

Direction of first and second units.

From your first concept of the project to the final cut, we offer your production a fresh and safe filming experience. We achieve that with our many years of experience in this industry. We work efficiently with your first and second units to make the vision become a reality... We do travel worldwide and welcome all productions.

Stunt/Action Coordinator.

Jeff Danoff and XXX STUNTS has put together a fantastic stunt team ready to work with your production. We provide "Safety First" in all aspects of each and every stunt performed or rehearsed. We only use professional stunt people with the best gear available to get that shot your after!

Our Equipment

XXX STUNTS offers to you a large assortment of stunt & film equipment. Our list is way to large to list everything.

XXX STUNTS and STUNT RAMPS offer to you one of the largest specialty stunt ramps collections in the industry. We supply specialty pipe & jump ramps for motor vehicle stunts. We have a large fleet of support vehicles and trailers full of stunt equipment and rigging gear. We also have in our inventory some camera cars and camera filming equipment. We also have horses and a bucking machine for your cowboy training. Call now for a complete list of our goods. We have so much more equipment that the list goes on. And if I don't have it I can make it or get it from someone else!