Action Actors

Action Stunt Actors are "Stactors".

XXX STUNTS can spice up your cast with our very talented selection of action actors who are capable of doing their own acting and stunts... We have been chameleons threw out our careers and can bring a unlimited amount of looks and styles to your project. Like myself alot of us started as actors and transformed into action orientated actor/stunt performers. Being able to use just one person for both jobs saves your production alot of time and money.... Your director will also be much happier, as they now can punch in for a nice close up of the action and reaction which is what everyone wants to see. Another benefit of using a "stactor" is having a safety barrier always around your main cast. We can also be a extra set of eyes in the mix of things when things may get a little hairy... Now a days we mix the cast with our stactors and create safety moniters within the mix... When doing BIG STUNTS you never know what can happen so let us be that extra cast & background protection... You can never be too safe when your shooting some intense action. Call US for availibilty, and current headshots.

Actor Training & Rehearsals

Actor Training & Rehearsals.

Our XXX STUNT TEAM offers to your project a complete training and rehearsal package. We supply your project with the proper safety equipment and training personnel to provide your talent a completely safe working environment so they can perfect their action/acting skills. We work with your talent doing just about anything and everything that they may need to learn. Doing things in front of the camera is a whole different world then reality... For instance, during a camera fight if the talent was really beating each other up, they would last one take! We teach your talent how to do what they need to learn but at the same time we are teaching them camera positions and reactions. It's a whole different world, thats why you always use a professional. Let's talk soon. XXX STUNTS TEAM

Production Services

The XXX STUNT TEAM offers a huge assortment of film related equipment. Our list is way to large to list everything.

Our Production Service provides everything that you may need to make your project a reality. We have worked with many companies and individuals over the years. We continue to work with our allies to provide you the very best entertainment services and products available. Call us today and lets talk about your project.