Stunt Coordinators

Action/Stunt Coordinators

As the Action/Stunt Coordinator of your production we provide your project a safety first approch and always get the stunts that we are after. We work with your production team with all the different aspects of the action being performed. We will always use the best equipment and stunt personnel available. With our many years of knowledge and experience we can tackle any difficult situation that we are confronted with... Our team has been there and done that and can show your production a safe way to achieve that spectacular action shot to enhance your project... Our professionals are all highly trained behind and in front of the camera and can also shoot your 2nd Unit shots as well.... Working with your team we can make the action part of your project a real breeze with what we have to offer!

Our Action/Stunt Coordinators bring to your production, a fresh new look and approach to film making. We always provide your production an excellent filming experience and go the extra mile to get the shots that we are after. We all have a lot of film production and stunt equipment and we are always looking for something new to try... Have an idea that you would like to put on film? Let us help that vision become reality! We look forward to working with your production team... Let's talk soon. XXX STUNTS TEAM of DIRECTORS

Stunt Performers

Our stunt personnel are all professional and highly trained people who work extensively threw out the industry. As you know it takes a team to make any project come to life... Our XXX STUNT TEAM has worked together all over the world for over 25 years now. We all carry a valid passport and a complete stunt safety package always when we are on set. No matter what your script may call for we are game to make it happen... We are not afraid to hit the ground and always ready for the next take... Our stunt performers come in all shapes, sizes, sexes,and age groups... We have an unlimited amount of skills and abilities within our XXX STUNT TEAM. So give us a call and lets start doing some stunts on your project....