XXX STUNT TEAM offers film and stunt related services.


We work with your production crew to bring you the best quality possible in direction and coordination. Our extensive experience can save your production alot of time and money! We can help you with your project from the very beginning or come in after the project has been started. We adapt to any situation and have worked all over the world. We bring a fresh and spectacular look to every project. We also have an extensive film equipment package that can enhance every project we work on... CALL US now for your upcoming PROJECT. (READ MORE)


We offer your project everything from a full script breakdown, to the final editing of the scenes that we have shot. We work with the first unit director, crew, and talent to bring you the best quality scene possible. We get your project the most $$$$ can buy. We have great communication skills and work well with others. We have worked with all types of budgets and offer the same stunts on all projects... CALL US now to get great action scenes on your upcoming PROJECT. (READ MORE)


Working with the very best stunt people available, we always perform our stunts with safety first in mind.We also bring your project an accurate stunt breakdown and always stay within budget, but we get you the BIGGEST STUNTS possible... We have access to the best quality stunt equipment and personnel available and offer it to you for all your project needs!!!! "Current passports, SAG & AFTRA are paid up"!!! CALL US NOW for OUR AVAILABILITY. (READ MORE)


We offer your project professional Technical Stunt or Safety Advisors, who are all highly trained and full of knowledge and experience. We have been in alot of situations and have rehearsed alot of different things. Our XXX STUNT TEAM will always do their best to share our knowledge & experience's with your production crew. When you need a stunt technical advisor call us first! Our network of advisors are available to anybody needing to know about action, stunts, film making, or you just want a safe environment. CALL US now and lets talk about your upcoming PROJECT.


Our XXX STUNT TEAM believe it or not has some very talented writers in the group. Some are currently in writing producing situations and some have their works in the can... If you are looking for a already written script we have many in our mix. Getting an action oriented script from a writer who knows action can save your production allot of time and money as they know what they have wrote can actually be done for the budget. If you would like to work with our writers to collaborate on your own project we are available as well. We also can help with rewrites when production needs to save some money fast... Usually the action is the first to go. Let us help you rewrite your scenes so that a replacement action can still keep your story dynamic. CALL US NOW for OUR AVAILABILITY


With our many years of knowledge and experience in the cinema industry we offer you our body's, mind's and soul's for your up coming projects. We will always be early to work and have the brass balls as needed to give you that spectacular stunt you are seeking... We have done all types of stunts on land, air, water and whatever else you may think of.We also have a complete Manufacturing Shop and do all types of stunt flying riggings, car riggings, jump & turnover setups. We have all types of custom specialty stunt and filming equipment for your needs and offer full set-up on all items rented from us. We work all SAG/ AFTRA jobs and no job to small or large... Have body will travel is our motto! We do all stunts and work with all age groups. CALL US NOW for OUR AVAILABILITY. (READ MORE)


I personally started my acting career in 1968 doing Industrial Films, for schools and such. Our XXX STUNT TEAM of action actors have worked in all aspects of acting from doing, background work, being stand-ins, and we all have actually done speaking roles. We bring a raw natural look to your project and can do our own stunts as well. Our actors are multi-talented and have the ability to change our looks as needed. Stuntperson + Actor = Stactor. So use a stactor today on your project and save time and money... Just saying! CALL US NOW for OUR AVAILABILITY. (READ MORE)


We offer a FREE SCRIPT BREAKDOWN and BUDGET analysis for all projects that we are or will be working on. If you need a "Stunt Budget Breakdown" and have someone else doing your project, or you are seeking a budget for your own info. We can provide you an accurate budget as needed for a small fee. We work on a job to job basis on each script or project and will quote you on each and every project...CALL US NOW FOR DETAILS and CURRENT PRICES. Our BREAKDOWN rates are very low compared to the rest.


Our XXX STUNT TEAM will work with your talent and production team to bring your action oriented scenes into a working fashion. We have extensive experience with working with all talent involved.We have all the necessary stunt and safety equipment to always rehearse in a safe manner. Our team of instructors have worked with most of the top actors in the biz. Save time and money let alone injury by having everyone on set ready for an upcoming scene... A rehearsal can last for days depending on the complexity of the gags involved. So let the XXX STUNT TEAM work with your cast and if you decide to cast some of our action actors they can be a safe barrier as well when things get a little dangerous... We also offer our 22 acre stunt compound to you for any type of rehearsal you have. We have the room and we are in a private location to keep anything we do secret and out of the publics eye! CALL US NOW FOR DETAILS and CURRENT PRICES. (READ MORE)


The XXX STUNTS TEAM has it's own manufacturing shop on premises. We have the capability to build whatever it is you may need. Our highly skilled craftspeople all work together to bring you the best products possible. We work with all materials and have a open schedule. We do whatever it takes to get you the product you ordered in the time allotted.... We all know time is money. So if you need a special camera rig, or a vehicle roll cage, we do everything else in between as well. CALL US NOW FOR DETAILS and CURRENT PRICES.


The XXX STUNT TEAM is well equipped and ready for any type of rigging that you may need. We can fly people thru the air, or we can provide safety to your cast & crew on the most remote and tallest mountain you find. We have extensive experience and have worked worldwide. We all have worked on some major rigging jobs and continue to lead the path to a safe set. We only use the best equipment available and everything we use is pretested for performance. We work with any and all productions. CALL US NOW for OUR AVAILABILITY. (READ MORE)

LOCATION RENTAL is the website to our 22 acre film and print location. On this unique property we have many sets and props scattered about. We offer high desert landscapes, dirt roads, paved roads close by, a dam and lake which is minutes away. We have a working horse ranch, a military FOB, a Afgahni/Mexican village, a small junkyard, some houses and outbuildings, and a veggie garden to round things out. We currently have a honeywagon that homes here for your convenience and cost savings.CALL US NOW FOR DETAILS, CURRENT PRICES and a TOUR OF THE PLACE. (READ MORE)


THE XXX STUNT TEAM also has it's own production team ready to shoot whatever it is you want to film. Our team of talented production people have worked together for many years to bring you the very best product possible. We own allot of our film equipment and network within the industry to bring you always the best gear available. Bring us your ideas and we will put them into process for you and then someday we will hand you the finished product. If you have a pickup shot that you need filmed, we can provide everything needed for that as well. We work with all formats and will do live shows as well... CALL US NOW FOR DETAILS and CURRENT PRICES.


The XXX STUNT TEAM has finally developed it's own line of set wear and gear! Our inhouse designers have designed for you a custom line of collectors wear and gear. Our line of XXX STUNT TEAM products are a must have when your on set... Our line of clothes & gear can be worn/used or just collected by memorabilia collectors... If you are lucky enough to have a XXX STUNT TEAM signed product, you then have a real collectors piece. Our signed products have brought a surprising amount of money on the online auction sites! So CHECK OUT our ONLINE STORE.